AIS as leader in digital life service provider introduces its latest campaign No.1 Service with heart for digital lifestyle The leading mobile operator creates a very powerful competitive advantage by uplifting human touch and incorporating advanced technologies. The new campaign in customer services is designed to increase speed, convenience, security of customer’s personal information, and personalized services that touch every human sense and fulfill the needs of every customer segment including:

  • Full-E services to make customer’s transactions much easier. View statement summary, make payment and get receipt online instantly through myAIS application.
  • Face Recognition, another AIS security system for new number registration to eliminate customer worries on personal data breach. Available at service kiosks in 66 AIS shops nationwide and at every point of purchase.
  • Google Assistant. AIS as Google official partner co-develops Action on Google featuring voice command in Thai, first ever in Southeast Asia, enabling customers to enjoy digital lifestyles on AIS network more than ever.
  • Angel Team from AIS Contact Center to take care of digitally-inquisitive elderly customers.

Ms. Bussaya Satirapipatkul, Executive Vice President in charge of Customer Service Management at Advanced Info Service Public Limited Company or AIS, explains about the four major services designed to meet customers’ queries in every segment:

  • Full-E Services give customers a higher level of convenience. Viewing statement summary and call details, making payment and receiving receipt can all be accomplished instantly on myAIS application. From now on, customers will be worry-free from loss of
    bill statement, late payment, difficulty commuting to point of payment and limitation to viewing previous statements. AIS Full-E will help customers save time and
    paper by….
  1. eBill to help you check bill statements easily with reminding SMS. Simply applying via myAIS application.
  2. ePay to enable online payment in various channels including mobile-banking application, Rabbit Line Pay and auto-payment via credit cards of every bank.
  3. eReceipt to review past receipt in the last three months (available in Q4, 2018).
  • Face Recognition provides the best protection on customers’ personal data. Highly accurate and efficient, Face Recognition will drastically reduce fear of data breach when customers register for the new number. Available in every channel over 20,000 touch points across the country including AIS shop, AIS Telewiz and AIS Buddy, AIS’s Face Recognition is Thailand’s first on service kiosk. The first batch of 80 AIS kiosks designed to support new-number registration has been rolled out and is now available at 66 AIS branches nationwide.
  • Introducing innovative services by incorporating an array of technologies for customers to fully enjoy digital experiences.
  • Partnership with Google to develop Action on Google using Google Assistant platform, smart helper on smartphone that will make customer’s inquiries much easier. No typing required, customers can access myAIS and AIS PLAY instantly using voice command in Thai. As Google’s official partner, AIS co-launches Action on Google first time in Southeast Asia. The service will be available at end of July.
  • Developing Alex, an innovative robot service equipped with artificial intelligence (AI), in response to customer’s inquiries on product and service information. Six Alexes will be ready to bring digital experiences to customers at AIS Shop very soon.
  • Servicing digitally-inquisitive elderly customers. Having been receiving a number of inquiries from senior customers, AIS Contact Center introduces “Angel Team” to provide special assistance. All members of the Angel Team have been especially trained to “understand by listening, and service from the heart.” They are exceptionally patient and skillful in communication using simple language to ease customers’ tension throughout the conversation.
  • In addition, AIS has been organizing over 600 workshops across Thailand throughout the year to educate customers on latest digital technologies such as smartphone usage, social media and mobile applications to meet customer’s interests and lifestyles.

“AIS’s latest development in incorporating digital technology to enrich human touch reflects our commitment to constantly enhancing our customer services. We continue to analyze and understand customers’ needs to help us deliver best customer experiences and make them feel privileged at every contact point,” Ms. Bussaya concluded.