SYMC moves its business forward with e-Services, targeting corporate customers that plan to undergo a digital transformation. Following the success of the recently launched e-KYC and e-Signature services, the company also revealed a plan to expand its solutions to e-Tax Invoice and other e-Services as demand for electronic documents has been rising amid the backdrop of the COVID-19. The digital technology reduces the communication process between organisations, fastens business operation, and helps businesses to save costs in the long run effectively.


Mr. Alex Loh, Chief Operating Officer of Symphony Communication Public Company Limited or SYMC, said that many organisations are adopting Digital Transformation to develop business processes. This transformation plays an essential role in shaping business operations and generating profits in the long term. As a leading telecommunication network and internet service provider, SYMC implements a policy to bring e-Services to enhance and increase value-added on the core connectivity service and network infrastructure to bring new experiences to the customers. The company recently joined forces with strategic partner, Creden Asia Co., Ltd. to launch e-KYC and e-Signature services, providing customers easy access to digital platform services anywhere anytime with fast speed and streamlined communication process. The approach is in response to customer behaviour, and the evolution of business operations, which have been changed after the COVID-19 crisis.


“We plan to expand our cooperation with partners to introduce other e-Services such as e-Tax Invoice that will completely convert paper to electronic forms. The service supports electronic transactions, reliable, and reduces problems of handling information or documents in paper form. Also, it enables data processing in the information system to enhance the customer’s business more efficiently and keep pace with changing times,” said Mr. Alex.


Mr. Suwat Jesdangkul, Head of Strategy and Business Development Division of Symphony Communication Public Company Limited, said that e-Services will be a new business target that creates important opportunities for the company. According to the company’s research, most of the medium to large enterprise customers seek digital technology to facilitate their business operation and reduce long-term administrative and operational costs. Therefore, SYMC has expanded the business plan to focus on Digital Transformation, which will also help to enhance the image of the customers’ business and increase competitiveness.


“The company has now started providing e-KYC and e-Signature services to a wide range of businesses, enabling our corporate clients to add value to their services. For example, in hotel and banking businesses, customers can pre-register to reserve a queue for services on the website or application. Upon arrival, they can verify their identity and their photo via the e-KYC platform and access the service immediately. When they return for services for the next time, the system only requires their photo, and the customer can quickly get to the service without verifying the identity or presenting an ID card again. In hospital business, doctors can sign the medical certificate anywhere anytime and quickly forward documents to other departments to fasten the process such as an insurance claim as the platform uses API that links the insurance company and the hospital.

The company also look into other target businesses which can benefit from e-Services such as start-up that needs a flexible operation or workfromanywhere option, the business with overseas branches that require paperwork and document verification, or e-commerce which can get benefits directly from these digital services as well, said Mr. Suwat.


Users can be assured of information security and accuracy as e-KYC adopts Face Verification and Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology to verify faces and ID card information with the Department of Government through a fast digital platform. It also links the database with the Department of Business Development (DBD). e-Signature service allows online transaction and documents signing on any compatible device, either on smartphones, tablets or PCs. All data is highly secured with Blockchain technology while digital documents are timestamped according to TEDA’s e-Stamping standard or Trusted Electronic Document and Authentication. It has storage on cloud or servers and can be viewed which monitored at any time.


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